Thursday, March 31, 2011

Custard Powder Cookies

The other day, in between dinner preparations,  I had a sudden crazy urge to bake. I was in the mood and needed to bake something. Something simple would do. I pulled out my tattered little recipe notebook and found this Custard Powder Cookies recipe. Easy and quick, these golden yellow cookies were churned out  in no time at all. Of course I cheated a little, I  had free child labor to help me. My Daughter G enjoyed doing all the rolling and shaping of the cookies. Good for her and good for me. Haha!

My dear Hubby liked the cookies a lot and thought they were butter cookies. Again and again I've repeated to him, "No, they're custard cookies!" Yet he still calls them butter cookies. Well, they were indeed buttery. And with a sandy texture that melts into a paste in the mouth, they remind me of a lighter version of shortbread.

Do give this recipe a go when you find yourself wondering what to do with your stash of custard powder. Let me know whether  this makes custard cookies OR butter cookies. You be the judge. Let's see who wins.

Press down criss cross.

Custard Powder Cookies
(Recipe taken from 'Food, Fun & Farm Life' here)

Makes 90 cookies.


100 gm Icing Sugar
100 gm Custard Powder
300 gm Plain Flour
300 gm Butter


Don't they look like mini corn hobs? :)
Beat butter and icing sugar together till pale & fluffy. In another bowl, sift custard powder and plain flour together, then mix  into the butter mixture until just combined. Shape dough into small walnut sized balls. Place on a greased or lined baking tray. Dip fork in water, press down to flatten slightly. Bake at 200 °C for 10 to 15 minutes. Once cooled, dust with icing sugar if you like.


  1. The cookies looks very nice with that cris-cut pattern ! Custard is delicious by itself already... fancy making them into cookies ! They must be very good !

  2. Hi Joyce! The ingredients for these cookies are so minimal they also remind me of the German Potato Cookies I've made in the past. Except these are not as fine & light as the Potato ones. Maybe, if the plain flour is replaced with superfine flour (cake flour), I'd get finer & lighter textured cookies? I guess I've to try another batch. Haha

  3. I like your opening photo! very cute, if you want super-fine flour, look for 00 flour. I found out about that when learning to make pasta, apparently its the finest on the market.

  4. looks so beautiful must be real crumbly!

  5. so delicious n yummy..
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..
    very interesting your recipes..
    happy to follow u...:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. I like the first picture a lot! The little hearts look so adorable :D

  7. i agree with the gals! What wonderful textures. Love the clever use of the fork for the motifs. well done!

  8. Hi all, thanks for the compliments! *blush* :) The little hearts, it's actually a melamine serving tray.

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