Monday, January 16, 2012

Festive Year End 2011

Wow, it's 2012 already!!! Where have I been? This past few weeks had been a blur. There were just so many things to do with the year end festivities. I had been busy baking up a storm for friends and family and squeezing in last minute Christmas shopping. And with the starting of the new school term, more shopping for school supplies ans stuffs for my Daughter G. My Daughter G is now a secondary school student.  I can't believe I'm now a mother of a teenage girl! Between all that and the running of errands and chores, Chinese New Year is now upon us! Phew, how time just zipped by! Anyway, here are a few pics of the Christmas celebration and some of the bakes I made.

The Christmas dinner we stuffed our face with. Mom's obligatory roast turkey. Christmas is just not christmas without a turkey. Juicy, moist and utterly flavourful and delicious. Turkey aside, Mom also made buttered brussel sprouts and carrots with bacon bits. The rest of the dishes were made by me. Salmon wreath, roast potatoes and yule log cake.

Smoked salmon wreath with cream cheese and herbs filling inside. Inspired from a dish featured in the Good Housekeeping Magazine Christmas Collection 2011 edition.

My first ever yule log cake. It's pretty easy to make. Just a swiss roll with whipped cream filling and chocolate ganache frosting.

Mincemeat apple tart.

Chocolate cake

Mango Yoghurt Cake.


Mom's birthday on boxing day. I made a simple sponge cake with whipped cream and mango filling with fresh strawberries on top.


Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

We celebrated the new year with Durian Mousse Cake. Durians are seasonal and crazy expensive and this is a luxurious treat.  This is also the first durian cake I've ever made. I know it's very late, but here's wishing all a Happy and Blessed New Year!  

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