Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blueberry Hearts

A quick bake using a batch of cream cheese dough leftover from the Pineapple Tarts here. Topped with blueberry jam, these delicious little hearts were very addictive. It was impossible to restrain myself to just one piece. I had another and another and another ... until the guilt sank in! By then I had probably eaten 10 pieces. To heck with calorie counting! Haha!

Just as good plain!


  1. That's a good one to use up the leftover dough ! Haha ! And they do look delicous !

  2. Hi Joyce, I really love it when leftover food are well utilised and not wasted. My Daughter G and I, just the 2 of us whacked all these hearts ... my stomach is happy but not my thighs! Haha!


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