Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner 2010

Our simple Scandinavian-esque Christmas Eve Dinner.

For the past few years, we had dined out and spent a small fortune on Christmas Eve Dinners. This year I'm glad to have stayed at home and avoided the crowds and the overpriced dinners offered at most restaurants in town. It was enjoyable preparing the food and celebrating with my nearest and dearest ... right here at home.


Smoked Salmon Carpaccio
(Recipe here. I've added sliced onions and black olives and garnished with fresh dill instead of parsley.)

My Daughter loves this dish so much.

Bacon and Cream Cheese stuffed Mushrooms.
(Recipe here)

Very cheesy & rich! Reading back the recipe, I think I might have overstuffed the mushrooms.  The Bacon and Cream Cheese filling was meant for 25 mushrooms but I crammed all into 12 mushrooms only. LOL!Anyway, they were good eaten with toasted crusty garlic bread.


Butterhead Lettuce, Grape & Tomato Salad with Raspberry Dressing
(Recipe for Raspberry Dressing here)


 Nigella Lawson's Molten Chocolate Babycake.
(Recipe here)

We ended the meal with Nigella Lawsons's Molten Chocolate Babycake with Strawberries & Whipped Cream. It was plate licking good ... I really meant it literally! Yum!

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