Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Feast 2010

Our Christmas Day Feast.

Mom roasted the turkey, and I with the help of my Daughter (my Daughter insisted that I gave her credit and made known to everyone that she helped with peeling the asparagus! LOL!)  made the accompanying side dishes and dessert.

The star dish of the day, Mom's Roasted Turkey.

Believe it or not this turkey (between 6 - 6.5 kilos) took only 1 1/2 hours to cook in the microwave!  The turkey was moist and very tasty.  I asked Mom what she had used to marinate the turkey and she said "Pounded ginger and garlic, LOTS of garlic ... soy sauce, salt & pepper and a little bbq sauce".

Mom's recipe for Turkey Gravy

Turkey Neck & Giblet
2 large Onions, chopped
Shitake Mushrooms, sliced and the stems removed and kept aside
Soy Sauce to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste
Drippings from roasted turkey, remove the fat first
Cornflour mixed with a little water

In a pot, put in turkey neck & giblet, chopped onions, mushroom stems and soy sauce. Scrape in the drippings from the roasted turkey. Pour in water enough to cover the ingredients in the pot. Boil away on medium heat until mushrooms have disintegrated. Add more water during cooking as necessary. Discard turkey neck & giblet. Add in the sliced mushrooms. Boil further until mushrooms are just cooked. Season well with salt & pepper. Add in  cornflour solution and cook further until gravy has thicken.

Jamie Oliver's Perfect Roast Potatoes
(with butter, garlic & rosemary)
(Recipe here)

This was the best side dish amongst all. It was very fragrant and flavourful with the rosemary and garlic. My dear Hubby who has been avoiding carbs couldn't resist eating this and even requested the lefovers for dinner. 

Cranberry Asparagus & Prosciutto 
(Recipe here . I've added prosciutto and omitted the pine nuts as I didn't have them on hand. I would suggest adding lightly sauteed garlic for more flavour). 

Insalata Caprese
(Recipe here)

To end our Christmas feast with a sweet note, Gordon Ramsay's Easy Tiramisu!
(Recipe here)

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