Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1st Anniversary .... and a Giveaway!

OMG! Happy 1st Birthday to my blog Sotong Cooks! How time flies and I very nearly forgot about it until I saw a post on a fellow blogger's blog anniversary. I just made it in time! It has been exactly one year since I posted my very first entry. I still remember the feeling of excitement and hesitation when I first pressed the submit button - which was a post on Nigella's Brownies.

Over the past one year, I've dicovered many incredible talented bloggers, kept my hands full with new recipes  and also learnt some nifty culinary tips & tricks. Not only that, blogging has also spark an interest in food styling & photography. Stuffs like aperture or 'bokeh' would've been so alien to me a year ago. Now when I go shopping, I'm more interested in tablewares and kitchenwares and whatever props that I could use for food styling. Gone are the days of shoes, clothes and bags! LOL 

On this day, I wish to thank all my fellow blogger friends as well as readers who has been following and encouraging me. Thank you for all your support, kind words and compliments. I appreciate it very much! Your words of advise, comments and feedbacks whether positive or negative are always welcome as they help me to learn and improve my knowledge. Sharing is caring :)

As a token of appreciation I would like to give away a small gift. Here how it goes. The person who drop in the 50th comment in this post will 'win' the gift. In your comment, you must include your email and a link to your blog (if u have) and complete this sentence "I like Sotong Cooks because ____________" .  You can leave as many comments as you like. Everyone is welcome to join. The giveaway ends when I receive the 50th comment! :) I will reveal the gift in time to come.  Keep your comments coming! :)

UPDATE (14th October 2011): I've now decided to use online random number generator to pick the lucky winner. Anyone who is interested to participate in this giveaway, please leave your comments and email by the 23rd October 2011.


  1. I'll start the ball rolling by being the first then ;p

    Congrats on turning one! I can understand your excitement because I'm going to turn one (or rather my blog) soon! ANd I understand you totally - when I go overseas, I actually go shopping for props instead, on top of the shoes, bags and clothes of course hehe.

    Here's to many more years for you! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Hi Janine! Thanks for being supportive all these while! :) Now, 48 more comments to go ...boy, this giveaway is going to take some time! hahaha

  3. Happy 1st anniversary!
    I'm here to join the fun. :)

  4. Hi sotong, congrats to your 1st anniversary and may many more to come! I must be the fellow blogger that you are mentioning. Hehe...


  5. hi, congratulations on your blog anniversary!! i'm so glad to know you and your blog and love all these communication with you. YOu've been doing GREAT all this while, keep baking and enjoy yourself!!


  6. Hi, congrats on your first anniversary and pleased to know you through blogging. Have been stopping by quietly as I have problem leaving comments when I am in the office. Keep it up and happy blogging.
    My email is: yummykoh2009@yahoo.com

  7. hi ssb! welcome aboard! :)
    thanks for creating aspiring bakers, if not for these events i wouldn't have come out of my comfort zone in baking! i've also 'met' so many wonderful bloggers. will be supporting AB as much as i can. am a bit bummed i missed the last one, the mooncake challenge. hope to submit one or two entries for this month's kuih challenge. :)

  8. hi hanushi!
    yes that blogger is you! haha

  9. hi lena!
    i'm glad to know you too. you're such a witty person :) and i love drooling over your bakes!
    thank u too for being so supportive! :)

  10. hi yummy bakes!
    thanks for leaving a comment here, if not i wouldn't have discovered your lovely blog! :)

  11. Hehe... I guess correctly!!! :) hohoho...

  12. Happy Blogiversary!.. Keep baking and cooking :)

  13. Happy 1st !!! I hope to read/drool/see more post in the years to come :)

  14. congrats on one year of blogging! :)
    looking forward for more and more yummy posts :)


  15. Congratulation for your 1st blog anniversary. In this year, I learn so much tips from your recipes, Thanks. I can wait to winner this mould, so hard to find one where I'm live.


  16. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! It's very generous of you host a giveaway, and hope to see more and more of your baking posts :)

    DG (testedandtasted@gmail.com)

  17. HI

    Congratulation for turning One !

    Thank you for the giveaway and I look forward to more yummy bakes in the coming years.

    Christine T

  18. Congratulation!

    Love your purple sweet potato swiss roll.


  19. Happy anniversary! I can truly understand yr purchasing pattern! Keep it up.


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