Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns


Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns

I remember I used to sing this nursery rhyme to my Daughter G when she was  just a baby up to toddlerhood. Now at the awkward age of puberty and soon becoming a teenager,  I can't help but think, man, how time flies! I really miss that cute cheeky little girl who would gladly receive huggles & cuddles & kisses from mommy anytime. 'Sigh'.  

Alright, enough of my ramblings now.

It's a little late but here wishing you all "HAPPY EASTER!" Hope you all had a good Easter weekend.

To celebrate Easter, I made these cocolate chip hot cross buns from Dean Brettschneider's cookbook - 'Global Baker'. These buns were lightly scented with orange zest and were loaded with chocolate chips which made them deliciously chocolaty - I didn't need to slather on butter or jam at all. They were good eaten on their own. If you like chocolate but don't like spices, mixed peel or raisins, these buns are for u. I personally like these buns but my Daughter G on the other hand didn't fancy them as much. She didn't like the orange zest which I thought was wonderful. No buns for dear Hubby who's a carbo-phobe. He avoids bread like the plague! Ah well, more buns to myself!

The aptly named 'Global Baker' cookbook has many interesting & inspirational recipes with influences from around the world.  What caught my interest most are the 'east- meets-west' fusion recipes which Dean had developed for the Asian tastebuds. He is currently residing in China and thus the Asian influence with the use of tofu, red beans and green tea. There's even a macaron recipe incorporating Chinese five spice powder - normally used in savoury dishes, I wonder how this spice would work in sweets?! This is one cookbook that will whip out the adventurous baker in you. So far I've only tried two recipes  from the book and they didn't disappoint. I'm already eyeing a few more recipes I'd like to try, heck I'd try them all if I could!    

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns
(Recipe taken from 'Global Baker' by Dean Brettschneider.)

300g strong bread flour
30g cocoa powder
5g salt
25g butter
25g sugar
zest of 1 orange
5g (1 tsp) active dried yeast
1 small egg, weighing no more than 50g when cracked
150ml water
140g chocolate chips (chilled in the fridge)

Cross Mixture
(Note: I've  halved the recipe here. The original recipe yielded too much than what needed)
75g plain flour
25g vegetable oil
75ml water

Sugar Glaze
40g sugar
100ml water
zest of 1 orange


Make dough
Place all the ingredients except the chocolate chips in a large mixing bowl, using a wooden spoon, combine to a dough mass. Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10-15 minutes, resting for 30 seconds every 2-3 minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic (Note: I used my stand mixer to do the kneading). The dough will be sticky to the touch and soft, don't be tempted to use excessive amounts of dough during kneading. Finally, add the chilled chocolate chips and continue to knead very gently until they are incorporated into the dough.
Place dough in a lightly oiled large bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Leave to rise for 45-60 minutes. Gently knock back the dough in the bowl by folding it back onto itself. Cover again with plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes.
Tip the dough onto a lightly floured surface and divide into 12 equal pieces. Shape into balls. Place approximately 2cm apart on baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to prove for 30-45 minutes, depending on room temperature.

Make cross
Place flour and oil in a bowl and whick slowly, adding just ebnough water to make a smooth lump free paste. Cover with plastic wrap until required.

Preheat oven to 190C.

To make the crosses, put the cross mixture into a piping bag fitted with a plain 3mm piping nozzle, pipe crosses onto the buns.

Bake for approximately 15-18 minutes, until golden brown.

Meanwhile, make sugar glaze. Heat the sugar, water and orange zest to boiling, remove from the heat. Brush buns with sugar glaze after removing from the oven. Place on wire rack to cool. 


  1. I have that book too! I like how you incorporated the picture of the buns in the photo. Nice!

  2. Hi Cathy, come have a bite! ;)

    Hi Jacob, don't my buns look like those in the book? Haha


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